Subject: File No. S7-09-13
From: David Zhao
Affiliation: Co-Founder, Instruments for Change

September 25, 2014

To Ms. Mary Jo White, I am David and I have a startup! I founded Instruments for Change and we are a company dedicated to both promoting classical music to a greater public and giving back to the musical community (especially other youth) by means of providing concerts. The organization has around 30 young musicians from all over the Washington region, which is completely run and led by high school students, and performs and hosts benefit concerts and gala events for student music funds, and natural disaster relief, and many other causes. I have heard about equity crowdfunding but have not seen any finalized rules since Congress voted on the JOBS Act back in 2012. I am looking to raise capital from friends, family, and my social network but there are no rules published about what to do with non-accredited investors. I am interested in having Congress vote on this matter! Please make a speedy decision about Title III so that I may know how to make my next step! My startup is planning on providing job opportunities to my community and I would plan to hire at least 1 more engineer right now to help me scale! Then I would create an ambassadorship that would help tons of students learn! There is a lot of opportunity! Please finalize Title III rules! Sincerely, David Zhao Instruments for Change Co-Founder