Subject: File No. S7-09-13
From: Brian Allman
Affiliation: CEO, Plan B

August 22, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

Plan B is a start up company in the Los Angeles area working specifically in the transportation mobility and ride share space.  As a growing business with difficulty accessing capital,  we are eager to initiate a crowdfunding campaign under the proposed rules of Title III. It would be ideal for Plan B to begin crowdfunding as soon as possible so we can get the funding we need to hire new employees and expand operations. We have reached out to several Title III crowdfunding portals and are ready to launch our campaign as soon as the final rules are published.,  , Title III will allow our company to grow,  acquire new customers and create jobs. We expect our business to benefit from the finalized rules of Title III because,  as a small business,  we have limited resources and it is nearly impossible to gain access to capital through traditional means,  especially without robust connections.  Additionally,  we are thrilled that each investor will have a vested interest in Plan B's success,  will act as a brand ambassador to spread the word and promote our business.  I urge you to issue the final rules as soon as possible so that we can begin hiring new employees and growing our business. Title III will benefit not just our business but scores of businesses nationwide and help the economy grow. 



Brian Allman
CEO, Plan B