Subject: File No. S7-09-13
From: Matthew McCulley

January 10, 2014

Speaking as a small business consultant, I disagree with two of the requirements for the proposed rule. First, there should be no limit to the amount that can be raised by crowdfunding per year or over any time period. If the business warrants a larger investment, it should not beprevented fropm raising the capital it needs regardless of sources. This requirement does nothing to help small businesses succeed. As to who may invest through crowdfunding, how people decide to spend their money is their choice. The opportunity to benefit from investing in new business should not be limited to those people who are arbitrarily deemed able to afford it. Why is the SEC preventing someone from spending their money in the manner in which they wish? One of the best characteristics of crowdfunding is the ability for everyone to participate if they wish. I strongly oppose these two requirements of the proposed ruling.

Matthew McCulley