Subject: File No. S7-09-10
From: Jack Robbin
Affiliation: FxPro

May 18, 2010

When wil the SEC learn from past history and re-instate the original SHORT UPTICK RULE to protect investors against the abusive short-selling ?

The SEC failed to punish its own lawyers who were caught trading on inside info and the SEC routinely fails to punish anyone on wallstreet. If anyone is caught, they pay a small fine. Nobody ever gets banned from the industry...great system Commit a major crime, don't go to jail, and still be allowed to practice.

Americans are soon to face Goldman Saks running our 401k retirement accounts, so they can steal directly without any obstructions?

Where's the punishment for wallstreet criminals? Nothing the SEC does has any deterrant whatsoever. It's time to change the jailkeepers because the crooks are running the prison.

Re-instate the SHORT-UPTICK rule before the next crash.