Subject: File No. S7-08-19
From: themathemat .

July 18, 2019

Dear SEC,

This is a proposal for a token bonding curve-based investment method as described in .

It is:
1. CONTINUOUS like a Patreon fund
3. FULLY BACKED by the startup's reserve fund
4. SELF-REGULATED by transparent smart contracts on the blockchain

As blockchain startups shift from ICOs to DAICOs to token bonding curve-based funding methods such as developed and implemented by Bancor, Giveth, TEGG, Aragon, Uniswap, etc., a new set of classifications and requirements will be needed for them.

As the JOBS Act increases the diversity of U.S. startup investors, many will seek continuous investment opportunities not limited to the 12-month time window, and many will seek (in fact, are already investing in) blockchain-based raises not limited to online crowdfunding sites.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on File Number S7-08-19,