Subject: File No. S7-08-15

January 12, 2016

Eliminating paper from the economy given the excellent recycling measures would be a travesty and unfair market practice. Will you eliminate gluten because some people are allergic to it?

The fact is that by eliminating paper it forces people to only use the computer. Opthamologist would agree that using a computer hurts eyesight and one does not blink as much causing early deterioration of the eyes. I know this has affected me, personally.

Additionally, we have an obesity problem and a social communication problem with the youth of today. They are always gaming; on their iPhone and isolate as a result. Some children never exercise.

Finally, as Renee Russo eloquently put it "sitting is the new smoking." I cannot tell you how many people with whom I work that have ergonomic issues dues to using the computer so much in their job. This creates more "Workers Comp" claims which is unhealthy for business and human beings.

We have lost the art of reading and communication. For the above reasons I oppose this bill 100%. What's next will you extinguish LAN lines. That would be terrible for the elderly who don't like the Internet. I believe that the SEC is trying to "circuitously" trade in milliseconds and not reserve accountability for their actions (I read Neil M. Barofsky 's book(sp) on the entire subprime mortgage crisis and people in the SEC and Wall Street should have gone to jail. Elliott Spitzer knew of the AIG and Wallstreet scam and a movie demonstrates how 3 men were retaliating against him. Watch client number 9.

At least, he had the decency to admit and "purger" himself so he could not practice law. I worked in the Beltway in D.C. and so many congressmen and senators fail ethically far more than he. He would win an election in France.

Also, shame on Obama for allowing HARP people to refinance homes (Fannie and Freddie loans) because they funded his campaign while HAMP people received nothing. (sorry to digress).

As I write this my eyes hurt from the glare; I have cervical radiculopathy (exacerbated by the computer time) and will strongly support the arts and graphics community along with libraries to publish books.

While technology improves the world; there is always a downsize (sorry for the digressions)

Kind regards,
Susan Jarboe