Subject: File No. S7-08-15
From: Gretchen Spear

July 31, 2015

The SEC should protect my rights as an individual investor by ensuring that financial information from investment firms actually gets delivered to me. The best way to do that is for this information to be delivered through the mail.

I depend on printed performance reports of my investments so that I can analyze them carefully, and am able to make management decisions at a time and place of my choosing. The sheer volume of these email communications, plus the fact that many notices get caught in my spam filter, raises the risk that my investment information wont get to me.

I am very concerned that I might miss this critical information and oppose the change in disclosure proposed by the SEC.

The internet offers an opportunity to take advantage of low-cost distribution of information, but the planned method of automatically switching investors to digital-only access to information if they do not respond to a one-time notification is just plain wrong.

I should have the right to choose when and how I receive information that my mutual funds company is required to send me, and the SEC should protect that right. Being forced to retrieve all future information from a website based on a one-time notice does not represent my consent.

Make the internet an opportunity, not a requirement.