Subject: File No. S7-08-15
From: Lisa A Darling
Affiliation: Sales Manager

August 7, 2015

The proposed modernization of company reporting will become a huge burden. I have a variety of investments, and rely a great deal with getting annual reports and any other investment mailing. in todays day and age, there is simply too much going on, making it easy to get side tracked from doing the tasks, such as researching investments that I hold. If i were to have to read annual reports online, I would never get through and finish them. My research happens at night in bed, on the train, while watching TV, amd in places where i do not wish to have my computer with me. Also, in spending all my work hours on a computer, i really dont think it is healthy for me to have to spend more hours on one.

Please do not accept this proposal to have to "opt in" in order to get information on paper of my holdings. It would be a terrible mistake for investors, especially those who do not own or know how to work on a computer. It isnt fair

Thank you for your attention to thiis.

Lisa Darling
Interested Investor