Subject: File No. S7-08-13
From: Matthew J Reardon
Affiliation: Physician, Engineer, US Army Officer Retired

February 20, 2014

Over the past 1-2 decades young women have begun to predominate in US schools of business. They are generally outstanding students, in many instances outperforming their males counterparts. Yet, white males predominate across the board within Wall Street firms. The majority of the white male incumbents have no special academic backgrounds to support their positions. It resembles more a cabal of frat boys. But far more importantly is that the proportion of those having been caught in overt fraudulent, exploitative, and manipulative schemes by the SEC and FBI over the past few decades have been males not females. Males in general are far more likely to perpetrate serious crimes of all kinds. Hence for many important practical reasons to include protection of the individual investors from the incessant schemes of deception and exploitation if not outright fraud , it is necessary to force Wall Street firms to change their workforce demographics to bring in a far greater percentage of qualified women into their higher level work force to include operational officers and Board membership. It is about time that we kick out the largely sub-qualified loud mouth frat boy experts at deception and scheming and replace them with women less likely to indulge in fraud, unethical connivance, and currency manipulation, etc. THis effort should of course start by instigation of large gender bias law suits against the likes of Goldman Sacks as well as the furtive Hedge Funds.