Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: mark d walp

February 23, 2010

I was a long term holder of Systemax stock (SYX)in 2008 when it came under short seller attack with over fifty percent of available shares sold short. This, despite back to back record breaking sales and earnings, and the stock price fell, despite shares having already been under pressure. And in the face of these earnings, Barron's published a very negative article about a Florida attorney general investigation using YEAR OLD INFORMATION. Cramer also dissed the company on his show -- twice. About that time I started reading about naked short selling and collusion between hedge funds and financial journalists. Months later, all this short interest in SYX had covered and again PPS barely moved. The stock trades on thin volume, so I asked myself how that was possible.

I can't be certain of what happened with my stock holding, but I DO KNOW that the relaxation of the uptick rule and even the PERCEPTION of journalistic malfeasance and SEC lack of naked short selling enforcement is enough to undermine investor confidence, and this at a very difficult period of our financial history. PLEASE MAINTAIN A FAIR AND LEVEL PLAYING FIELD FOR AVERAGE INVESTORS Thank you