Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: bob remick

February 21, 2010

Wall Street had the short market cornered for decades before the individual investors became savy and more educated to what went on in the investment world. Wall Street had preached to investors to buy and hold only, while in the same breath and behind the average investors back, were taking short positions to ...I guess make a profit
Placing limits on a stock going up or down to restrict an investors profit is ludicrous One only has to look at the Internet Bubble in 1999 where these high priced stocks, with no sales and essentially no value were able to rise to such exorbitant prices...investors profited on the way up..and when someone finally got smart and woke up the world that there was no value...then the shorts profited on the way down.Why should we help companies that haven't been successful in executing their business plans?
Why shouldn't I be rewarded with profit for researching stocks to find companies I feel will go up or go down. I'm assuming the risk for these investments.
The last time I checked, don't stocks go up and down all the time? In fact, I think they go down more than they go up.
My vote is to keep the status quo
From an average American Individual Investor.