Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Steve Thill

November 4, 2009

WHERE is the uptick rule? What are you doing about it?
Why do you waste so much time?
Individual investors are sick and tired of DOW up 160 points mid day only to have it stripped by institutional profit takers and hedge funds in the last 30 minutes of trading.
Quit screwing around with hearings and utilize what we KNOW works!
If the administration REALLY wants to allow the economy and consumer confidence to improve, STABILIZE our investments and reinstate the uptick rule with something like a 3-10 cent uptick trigger or a .05-.1% uptick trigger. No need for anything exotic or complicated.
Simple, effective, and the hell with special interest lobbyists. How hard is that?
Do something that matters for REAL people (who work, vote, and pay taxes), please!

Steve Thill