Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Bill Daniel, PHD
Affiliation: Senior Engineer Director

October 3, 2009


You should resign your Position immediately as Chairman of the SEC

There is no reason for you to continue. You complacent behavior and demeanor, has cost this Country Trillions of dollars. Simply because you will not carry out your responsibility as the Chairman and Re-Institute the Up-Tick Rule that was in place from the 1930s until July 2007.

Both you and your incompetent agency has been at the forefront of this dilemma. You have been part of the SEC who allowed the original Up-Tick Rule to be removed so you could make Billions of dollars for Wall Street investors. You literally took away all the stop signs that were integrated into the systems through difficult lessons learned dating back to the 1930s. All of us know you are being manipulated by Wall Street and you do not have the integrity to make the correct decision and implement the Up-Tick rule as it was prior to July 2007.

There is no excuse for your behavior and your incompetency as the Chairman. Both You and your Lawyers who were caught doing illegal insider transactions shows unquestionably your guilt. You have worked at the SEC for years. Anyone that has worked in any leadership position at any organization knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Therefore, you knew what your Lawyers were doing and I am sure over the years you have participated. You have done enough damage to this Country simply because of your lack of Action. Your roaring silence is prove enough that your loyalty lies with the Bastards on Wall Street and the Institutional Traders that can Trade at 0400 in the Moring until hell freezes over at night. Buying, Selling, Short Selling, you name the illegal activity while the rest of the American people have to wait until after the institutional investors have screwed the market up or down in the Futures prior to 0700. All this Simply because of the lack of an Up-Tick Rule that would prevent them from Selling at 0400 in the morning and late at night, thus manipulating the Market.

You are the most unethical human being I have had the sorry pleasure to hear and listen to over the years. Even after the Senate, Congress and Mr. Ben Bernanke explained that the Up-Tick Rule would have stopped the insanity on Wall Street you did NOTHING Now it is October. You began this odyssey in April. You began this Circuit Breaker Shit in April and obviously you are determined along with the other Thiefs on Wall Street and the SEC to continue to sway your incompetent power around to meet your illegal goals.

Let me say that the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and other major News Agencys are taking a hard look at your inactions. Resign and do the American People a Huge Favor.