Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Dan D Shelburne

October 16, 2009

Market Manipulation continues unabated, Large Short Sellers and Hedgefunds can put the price of a security anywhere they want it. They drive a targeted stock down to Sell Stops, and then it just needs bursts of shorting every time the stock tries to rebound to keep it going down. The individual investor doesn't have a chance. They provide the loss side of the price discovery that you say is desirable. It's robbery plain and simple. An up-tick rule would at least allow some fairness. Chairman Shapiro states you are doing a very deliberate study to see if any regulation is needed. It is certainly a very slow study.

I'm a senior citizen and I hope to see some short selling restrictions put in place during my lifetime. The larger economy will certainly do better when investors have confidence they will get a fair shake. What we have now is virtually SEC support for the Wall Street "Casino" that likes to operate with no oversite or regulation of any kind. Please do your job and give us an Up-tick rule NOW.