February 24, 2009

Subject: File No. S7-08-09

When is Chairwoman Shapiro going to reinstate the uptick rule, forbid short selling and outlaw the shorting ETF's that use double and triple margin?

The weekend Lehman went under there were 55 MILLION shares shorted naked. No company, no matter what other problems may exist, can withstand that kind of attack.

No one will have any trust in the stock market, or any faith in the good faith of the SEC until these things are done. I personally am over 60% cash and going to more. How can I invest in stocks, no matter how much research I do, when I don't know where the "stealth bombers" will attack next?

Hedge fund transparency would help a lot too, but that is not as viciously deceptive as the three gaps in the system above that allow groups to decimate a stock or a sector without the knowledge of honest investors.