March 23, 2009

Subject: Re: SEC Response - File HO1318074

Thanks for the response.

I am just in misbelief the rule was ever abolished to begin with and of all the timing, right at the peak of the market when most knew it was overheated and on the brink of a financial collapse. Money and Politics used at its best heh, just ask the hedge funds and short sellers yet only some will admitt it cause most should be put in jail.

Why haven't you enforced your own illegal naked shorting rules either. Many innocent companies and investors have been crushed. Wasn't there like 28% of electronic trades done Q1 of '08 phantom shares and all of them selling? The System is Sick!

Better late than never but the SEC needs to do what their there for, Regulate illegal and manipulative activity. The SEC was tipped off w/ Madoff several times and still dropped that ball too.

Was this all part of a master plan because it is imcomprehensible to think it was all one huge mishap or incompetence.

One other suggestion is to take a deaper look at articles released by analysts to mislead people for their own and close partners benefit (ie. Tristan @ Biard an Co. article about SIGM dated 4/08 against BRCM) SIGM and FTEK are too of a 1000 manipulated illegally naked shorted stocks.

Thanks again for the response.