February 17, 2009

Subject: File No. S7-08-09

Why at the worts time possible and if it worked fine for 80 years was the Uptick Rule abolished?

Why can't you enforce your own illegal naked and regular shorting rules?

And I don't mean examples of 2008 when the SEC made public announcements that you were going to enforce your own shorting rules but oh by the way we are not going to enforce those rules for 2 more days so go out and short some more as the market drops 800 more points and then cover untill next time to short all over w/o the uptick rule.

Why has not the uptick rule been reinstated I mean are you joking?

Millions of innocent investors got scammed out of trillions.

Why do you even have a SHO list. How can 80% of some companies float be short?

How could have some 28% of electronic trades done Q1 of '08 have been phantom shares? My guess they were mostly unregulated illegal naked shorting trades.

I have to believe with how bad a job that has been done points to the shorts, SEC, and some congressmen in denial were all involved on the scam.

Pathetic system.

What about investor confidence. Do you think the uptick rule reinstated might help.