March 24, 2009

Subject: Uptick and settled funds.


Thank you for your kind and patient attending. You deserve a raise.

Please settle all funds of sales and purchases OVERNIGHT. Today (03/24/09) the short sellers again killed the financial longs. If they had to cover overnight this would not happen. They are destroying the market and the world's wealth.

Tomorrow they can buy up the stock before anyone long has the courage to. Then they can sell for a profit on wed (03/26/09). The reason; they know it is a fabricated decline. That is not profit taking, it is theft. The money they make is NOT created in heaven, it is stolen from people like me. They HAVE NO EXPENSE AND MAJOR PROFITS.

Since I am in a 401K I cannot move as fast as they can because I will get hit with a penalty for selling unsettled funds! I CANNOT SELL SHORT, AND I AM NOT COLLUDING WITH OTHER HEDGE FUNDS. THEY KNOW THE ROUTINE AND ACT TOGETHER. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET AN EXTENSION FOR SHORT SALES EITHER. The playing field in not level AND THEY ARE DESTROYING THE MARKET WITH THEIR THEFT. The uptick rule will not help unless the uptick rule is $.10 OR $.20.


Ed Schweitzer