April 21, 2009

Subject: Re: SEC Response - File HO1323812

Dear Sirs,

Please take a note on what happened to the financial stocks yesterday 4-20-09. In particular Bank of America which I happen to have a significant holding of . I unlike many so called investors ( I would tend to call them gamblers with a loaded deck) am a long term investor who is planning on holding these shares until I retire, if that is ever possible.

These stocks were under attack. Naked short sellers, hedge funds running ramped, distroying the equity of these companies. Once again I feel like I am an investor trying to put my hard earned money to use with a company I feel will be very strong once again. I am becoming increasingly discusted with the extreme volitility of the market. I will restate the fact that I believe it is becoming a tool of the hedge funds to rape the average investor by manipulating and using illegal means to make gains. The rules that are there are not inforced, and the penalties are a joke to these guys.
I for one have vowed not to put another dime into a mutual fund or 401K, as I believe that this has become just another tool for the hedge funds and market makers to have large pools of money to line there pockets at the little guys expense.

If rules are not put back in place to control these activities I believe that not only will the retail investor will loose all confidence and go away, never to come back. Markets and equity value will continue to deteriorate for benefit of a few with aces under the table, betting against America.


Tom Greenwood