March 21, 2009

Subject: uptick rule

I would like to express my opinion regarding the Uptick rule that was abolished July of 2007, having personally observed the market volitility increase almost to the day that the ruling was made to remove the uptick rule I would say that it had a significant effect on the markets.

I would also tend to believe that this was one of the contributing factors in the eventual colapse of the general market and in tern the economy.

I have become increasingly frustrated watching my investments crushed by what would appear to be attacks

and manipulation by shorting hedge funds. I personally think that shorting a stock in general contradicts the fundimental spirit of investing, but the ability of these so called investors to artificially drive down stocks to the point that they put companies out of buisiness is destroying this country and its citizens wealth for the riches of a few.

Thank you for your time.

Tom Greenwood

Terra Ceia, FL