Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Jim R Hall
Affiliation: Angry Investor

September 20, 2009

Please let me know why the SEC is so doggone deferential and polite to the hedgefund gang?

The SEC pursues little offenders like Martha Stewart to the ends of the earth in glitzy, rinky-dink publicity-generating trials but lets the major market-manipulating miscreants of large firms go free on the monopoly game of the market.

Many of these large firms have lately infiltrated our government. Coincidence?

Does being deferential and polite to the guys who have ruined our 401K plans through manipulation make for better employment prospects when the current administration is flushed from office next election?

Wouldn't these large firms respect you even more if you were relentless in protecting the US public?

The spectacle of the SEC swallowing camels while straining at gnats is unbearable tragicomedy.

For entertainment value, it just can't be beat.