March 11, 2009

Subject: Uptick Rule

Dear Mary Schapiro

I am sad and angry that the greed-driven short sellers have practically destroyed the retirement that I had been enjoying. At my age, 69, I do not have the time needed to recover my losses since I need to use my investments (greatly diminished in value) to live on. I know firsthand that almost no one of my age or older can do anything except grieve at our lost "golden years".

It is imperative that the Uptick Rule be reinstated immediately to help the markets recover. If my funds go much lower, I shall shall have a very tough time paying my bills. I could lose my home. After working hard for close to fifty years, I do not want to contemplate my future if the Rule is not reinstated.

You must help, Ms. Schapiro. You must immediately reverse the 2007 ill-made decision. Please do not let politics or partisanship prevent you from doing the right thing.

Thank you very much.