Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Kenny Green

August 29, 2009

For the last few years you told us Naked Shorting did not exist. We were just shareholders that wanted our stock prices to go up.

Now we finaly have the SEC stateing there is such a thing as Naked Shorting. Failure to deliver, or FTD or whatever you wish to lable it. It all comes down to the same point. It is counterfiting. You can dress it up anyway you wish,makes no difference.

It is illegal and has been for years on your recomendation.We the shareholders agree 100% now it is time for you to enforce that very law.
No more pandering to big money while the small investor gets robbed. Do your jobs see to it that Finra does their job. This country is at a cross roads in it's economic stabilty.

Do you wish to be remembered as the good guys or do you wish to be reviled and quite possibly out of work. Thank you. Please just do your jobs.