Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Michael A Zanni

August 29, 2009

ANOTHER COMMENT PERIOD? My ONLY comment to you is this, be prepared for a LAWSUIT WITH YOUR NAME ON IT You will know who else has been named with you once you get OFFICIAL notification FROM THE COURT

I am sorry it has come to this but if you would have done your job as you were supposed and TRUSTED to, stocks would NOT have been counterfeited, there would have been NO fail to delivers, shareholders would NOT have been systematically RAPED with as a result of your complicity, thousands of companies that were ILLEGALLY MANIPULATED OUT OF EXISTENCE because of PURE UNADULTERATED GREED would STILL be in business, our markets would NOT be in the shape they are in, and our ECONOMY would not be the way it is right now as a direct result of your LECHERY and GREED.

Laugh your heads off when you read this that's fine. I have 4 letters for you and NONE of them is an F. The first letter is C. You figure out the other three. Or don't. You'll find out SOON enough...