Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: john l baker
Affiliation: trader

August 28, 2009

that it has been delayed this far is a testament to the power of the hedge funds and various other short selling traitors to this country...investigate, if you please, the relationship of Barney Frank and Chris Cox...they coauthored a bill under Clinton that hurt shareholders...the only bill that Clinton's vetoed but was over, check the biggest donors of the deceiver Frank...Brown - Harriman The largest lender of securities in the other words the hedge funds...the short sellers...also on his list of largest donors are the CME, CBOT and CBOE..what are these traders doing buying Frank's influence? head of Financial Services, he is a man blamed by many for blocking legislation to strengthen the real estate markets...and most revealing is: what's he doing sticking his nose into the uptick rule? what is it of his concern? he is the one who bottomed the market by saying its going to be changed back....he wanted to playing apparent hero when in fact it was his influence that got it removed...also strategically placed on the dais discussing the bailout and causes of the meltdown was Shummer who everyone knows has been in the hip pocket of the hedge funds for years...doing their bidding, getting tax breaks and other advantages for the already powerfully connected...they diverted attention away from the short sellers and placed it on the executives who got short sold and scammed out of business...what a scam ---it was over powering short selling the took the market for Cox, he is a Bush appointee and the class of people Bush favored is well known...McCain said he betrayed the people's trust and should have been fired...after the super wealthy raided the treasury with the tax breaks and all the, had the rule changed and went after the money in the markets...and now the SEC, being bullied and pressured by the well connected, is hesitating bringing back a rule that brought great wealth to America and its recently suckered citizens?...well remember this, if you fail in your duty YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT...if you crash our financial system the news will eventually come out...stealing people's pensions, putting them out of work, starting runs on are subverting the honest, hard working citizen by stonewalling and hoping we will lose the will to have the rule changed back...ITS TIME TO STAND UP and do your duty...and also bring the short (traitors) to justice, out them and make them accountable...