Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Jose lima

August 26, 2009

About 2 years ago i sold everything i had in the markets and to this day i have not spent one penny back into the Corrupt System.
The very Agency that is suppose to protect the American people has turned its back on them, and has for many years.
the SEC has done nothing but protect the ones that are Stealing money from the American people.
its like the whislte blower for Madoff said, " out of the 3500 at the SEC there was 2 Hero's".
Imagine that out of 3500 ?
that means 3498 of them are corrupt and protecting Shorty.
when i say Shorty i dont mean some nice looking girl, i mean these brokers and institutions that are selling these phantom shares out of thin air
Naked shorts FTD's
shares they sell that have never been borrowed and they never buy back.
you know why this is ?
because they short the stock into the ground with very organized people. they attack the shareholders thru web sites and radio, they pay Bashers to trash the stock they own to scare them into selling, to sell into the Fear.
all this time the SEC sits back and does nothing as a companies stock is hammered into the ground and its shareholders scream for help , but no help comes.
i have given up on the markets after what i have learned the past 3 years and challenge the SEC to step up and do what is Right
Naked shorting should be a crime and punishable just as common thief who steals. after all it is the same is it not ?
you try and walk on a car lot and drive off with one of their cars without paying and see what happens.
same as selling shares that dont exist or not borrowed. they sell the shares , keep the money and give some poor sucker shares that dont match the companies records... say a company has 1 million authorized shares and the float is gone , bought up by a few people. how can the brokers keep selling shares that dont Exist i have seen this happen over and over in our markets.
this needs to stop and stop now
there are QUADRILLIONS of Phantom Shares that have been sold. many people have Hard Copy Certificates for these shares because the companies were aware of these practices over the last few years. so now to you the SEC and the DTC i say , what if ?
What if these people that have these Hard copy certificates were to get together with their companies and call for a Certificate pull and see what the real numbers are ? i wonder what you would say then ?
I'd say you'd be screwed to the wall with proof that the SEC , DTC are a bunch of Corrupt individuals that have been helping these crooks. I'd also bet if we looked into the system real good we would find the DTC in bed with the Federal Reserve bank.

SEC do your job or the American people are coming for you , VERY Soon.