May 20, 2009

Subject: Re: SEC Response - File HO1323471

Good morning, Mary Schapiro,

Welllllll…/here it comes! They are going to take it away from you if possible. Like I have been saying in previous Emails, they are going to try and hang this on a WOMAN. They gave you this job to get Chris Cox (or as I like to call him, Cocks) out of the line of fire (firing squad is more like it). No offense, Mary, but they dot care what happens to you as long as he is out of the headlines. Sometimes it easier to see things from a distance, ya know They will let the mess fall on you. No, I am not gay or a man hater, in case you wonder. But, I’n gung ho for women in business and a real tiger for fair play. Look at the mess Chris Cocks made by turning his head. It is not fair to let you take the blame for this financial disaster. REINSTATE THE UPTICK RULE. Please. Surprise them. Oh, and take pictures of their faces if they think they have snowed you into not slapping restrictions on their naked short trading. Those will be priceless. Naked shorts are SUPPOSED to be illegal. Has anybody but poor old crazy Bernie Madoff gone to jail yet Why not Few are chosen to make history, Mary. I hope you decide to look out for the consumer and Mary. Period. And watch your back! I am on your side, so far. What a mess, huh? Always remember, girl power. And boys have cooties. Especially on Wall Street.

Marilyn in Florida


March 9, 2009

Subject: File Number s7-08-09

Dear Ms. Shapiro:

Reinstate the UPTICK RULE that was removed by Chris Cocks on shorts, at least temporarily. We are all watching. 3X Inverse of $0 is $0. These corporate pigs are shorting in the millions of shares and we all know it that are watching. Can't you do better than a man? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I am so ashamed of muh, muh, muh generation, the baby boomers. What liars they were in the 60's huh It really is all about the money. *sigh* The entire 60's were a lie.

Boomer, soon to be ex-pat