Subject: File No. S7-08-09

August 18, 2009

Please re-instate the uptick rule immediately. as a personal investor, i have lost almost everything in the stock markets because of short selling, flash trading etc. i've lost so much, its shameful, and all the time i though i had made bad investment choices, when, after doing my research, this was a no win situation for me and others anyway. a prime example of a stock being shorted into oblivion is "SIRIUS SATELLITE". If the movie "STOCK SHOCK" wasn't a wake-up all, all small long term investors like myself are in a world of trouble.Certain people in the press release "TIMED" or "SUSPICIOUS" negative articles about a company or its stock, analysts soon follow, and the shorts take it from there. People panic and sell at any cost, but usually at a loss. I'm so disgusted at what has happened that i really want nothing else to do with our U.S. stock market. It's just a shame that all of the corporate crooks, short sellers, shameless analysts, and bashers who are in cohoots, and who have profited from destroying our economy and our investing markets, will not be brought to justice. I do congratulate the SEC for taking steps necessary to correct these imbalances and injustices. hope the rules are implemented in six to eight weeks. maybe some of us can recover, or survive.