Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: ed kessler

August 18, 2009

it is time to stop this maddness stop all typs of short selling for 90days the short sellers have rob from the american people long enough. at one time not long ago year or twothe feds wonted all people to invest in the market becuse SS is going broke, so a lot of people did that gave the crooks even more money to steal when they short or naked short that is stealing what gives a hand full of thugs the right to say what a stock should be valued atstandup sec protect the tax payer/ invester from the crooks that is robbing american wealthSHORTSELLER MADDOFF IS THE SAME SHOULD BE SITTING TOGETHERthe oweners/stockholers should determen the price of stocks come on sec do your job stop stalling after all when the chips where down last fall you stop shorts on some but not all. that stinks in its self please wake up before it is to late thanks ed