Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: david w ogburn

August 18, 2009

Re: Above Bid Short Selling Rule

I would like to add my name in the support of the "Above bid short selling rule". Currently private investors are being devastated by the unscrupulous and in many cases illegal tactics of certain trading organizations that have made a mockery of the trading rules. If this continues it will drive private investors out of the market as well as create financial hardship in many cases. In hard economic times like this it seems to me that the last thing the government would want to do is run the private investors off yet this is going to happen if the rules do not ensure a level playing field for all.

I urge your department to install and enfore the "Above Bid Short Selling Rule" as a way to protect the private investor and insure confidence in the market.

Thank you.


David Ogburn