Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: jeff thompson

August 18, 2009

Another comment period? Just buying more time for your crooked cohorts in the brokerage, banking and hedge funds sectors. Your ineptitude and lack of enforcement of existing regulations is a travesty of justice and it started with Kennedy in 1934. The proof of your collusion in the counterfeit trading and clearing system using the corrupt DTCC's NSCC clearing and the stock borrow program, the CNS netting system and failure to track ex-clearing trades is evidenced by the financial tsunami occurring all around you. Look at FTD's, CDS', emergency temporary final orders on NSS of bank and brokerage stocks, your banning of Naked Shorting after the damage to the American public has been done. All the while one of your commissioners, one Nazareth, has said Naked Shorting doesn't exist, it is only angry investors complaining about their stock not going up...she may be gone but she exemplifies your absolute idiotic stance that has enabled this whole implosion. You are a Klown Circus. Just my opinion and GOT CMKX?

From the New York Times..."...Annette Nazareth, who is currently the director of market regulation at the SEC was recently quoted in the New York Times stating that threshold companies and shareholders who complained about their stock being manipulated in the light of illegal naked short sales were just annoyed because they wanted their "stocks to go up." She elaborated by claiming that investors should not have the attitude of believing that there is a "criminal conspiracy when stocks move the wrong way, and the government should do something about it..."