March 5, 2009

Subject: Please Please restore the uptick rule

Greetings from a retired investor!

Please restore the uptick rule to restrain the "dog piling" on shorting stocks. It is destroying my IRA and my retirement. I retired three years ago and I will have to return to work to make up the losses I have realized in the last few months. You need to act quickly please as our citizens (friends and family) are barely making it and we are all teetering on financial collapse.

I live in Colorado and I have been unemployed for three years. By the way, I was forced into retirement by my company due to my age (IT Manager at HP). So my timing was not in my control. I rarely give feedback, but if your listening, please restore the uptick rule (minimum .01, prefer .05 or .10 before allow shorts). Thanks for listening from an old Vietnam veteran.

Wishing you the best in the future - please continue tyour good work o get the bad guys out of our financial system (and in jail!).

Best Regards,

Robert A. Crum