March 5, 2009

Subject: Uptick Rule

I can't understand why you have not immediately reinstated the Uptick Rule with the current market conditions. President Obama was saying it is a good time to buy long but yet there is not one long term investor that would consider returning to this market with the constant hammering of stocks by short sellers taking advantage of the lax rules. The field needs to be leveled so confidence and long term investors will return to this market and immediate reinstatement of the uptick rule would be one piece of the puzzle that would begin this move. Please, help put a floor under this market and reinstate this rule effective immediately. If the new administration wants people to buy stocks then we need more action to back up the words. Wasn't it change that was promised? What's been going on is more of the same.

Thanks and please help the small individual investors Karen Tomas Fort Mill, SC

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February 3, 2009

Subject: Uptick Rule

I am begging the new administration to please reinstate the uptick rule and level the playing field for all the individual long-term investors. Good solid companies have been beaten down further and further by the penny. There is no reason anyone would want to invest what money they have left in the stock market. It has been turned into a casino under the old administration. Please, Please consider reinstating this rule as quickly as possible. I believe it would immediately help to stabilize the market and restore some long-term investor confidence.

Thank you so much and I am hoping things will be better under the new administration.

K. Tomas