March 5, 2009

Subject: Stock Market Devastation -- Reinstate the Uptick Rule

ATTN: Mary Shapiro

Please reinstate the Uptick Rule for shorting stocks, as this may prevent the steady severe declines that have been occurring within the last few weeks.

This would allow market stabilization and enable growth to begin again in the stock market.

Reinstating the Uptick Rule will prevent further destruction of stock values and provide overall stability to the stock market.

Unfortunately Christopher Cox removed this Uptick Rule and the economy and stock market has definitely suffered from this mistake. The stock market has now declined to 1997 levels, and will continue on a steady decline if this is not reinstated. Keep in mind that in order for investment companies to make profits in this type of economy, shorting stocks is the preferred avenue in which they can make money. This causes destruction to companies and individuals that invest in the stock market.

Please consider reinstating the Uptick Rule.

Please confirm receipt of this e-mail, and advise if it should be forwarded to another individual.

Thank you,

Sherry Baccigalopi
Stock Market Investor