March 3, 2009 3:48 PM

Subject: THANKS!

Dear Ms. Schapiro,

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for eliminating the "up-tick" rule.

Thanks to your office, I will most likely NEVER again have to pay capital gains taxes. Instead, I will participate in as many entitlement programs as I possibly can. Believe me, I'll need it. I'll soon be canceling my health insurance and using the emergency room as my doctor.

We voted for change. This was a quick, easy fix to give some stocks a chance. But instead, it seems as though this administration wants to see as much wealth disappear as possible so that we all become government dependent. It's a conspiracy and it worked - I am. Now, where's my incentive to pay any tax at all?

You and this entire administration should be ashamed!

Have to go to the proctologist now to have Uncle Sam's boot removed.