March 5, 2009

Subject: Uptick

Much like how the uptick rule works, I waited until the market had an up trading day to send you another e-mail. I have e-mailed you, Mr. Biden, Senator Hagen, Senator Burr, and called President Obama's info line, but only Mr. Burr's office has ever bothered to even akowledge my question. In fact, I no longer have a question, I just have a comment. My comment is that even though we had a up day 3/4/09 we still need and should have had the uptick rule put back like it was from 1937 until 2007. There is NO REASON this has not been done already!! You should be absolutely ashamed and embarrassed of youself as this hurts the average investor more than anyone else and you do not even lift a finger to help the 'Middle Class person" you all claim to be trying to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ted Kelly
Charlotte NC