Subject: Disgusted investor

February 23, 2009

Dear Mary.

I just don't understand why the SEC is not doing simple things that can be done to protect us small working investors from market manipulators. I wonder what kind of systemic risk is involved in regulating the CDS market and making MTM reasonable.. Why do you follow the same agenda as Cox

Why couldn't you bring back the uptick rule before the market crashed why couldnt you take steps to allay the fears of the small investor... Instead you hire more enforcement to go after the guys who already did their damage. We need protection not retribution. I am so very disappointed in your agenda , I guess the hedge funds are still paying you.

Disgusted stockholder who has lost 80% of my child's tuition money in your unregulated market.ytd. even though i have been invested in good,solid, profit earning American Companies.

The SEC is a joke