Subject: up-tick rule

March 2, 2009

I am happy to ask again why you do not address this issue. I have written and asked why the up- tick rule is not reinstated and I have gotten no explanation. I have stated my case why the shorts are killing our economy. No one at the SEC is interested. Please give me a rational reason why it is that you continue to support people who have only the demise of the market. Please tell me you are not part of this but rather you really believe it. I am pleading with you to give me a rational explanation of how this is helping our markets because I am too ignorant to understand. Sincerely Richard Bell

From: Rich Bell
Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009
Subject: Up-tick Rule

Dear Chairwomen,

I have been in contact with your office for months in regard to this. I know you know that people are shorting the market to zero on the bank stocks. You are either blind stupid or corrupt or a part of the process of redistribution of wealth and destruction of capital. If you do not immediately reinstate the up-tick rule on a global market basis we will collapse. I choose not to believe you are that stupid which only leads me to understand how utterly corrupt you are and why you let people like Maddof and Stanford get away with what they have. Great job thanks for your part in destroying our economy and more importantly our way of life. Good Job You Idiots. Sincerely Richard Bell