Subject: Uptick Rule

February 6, 2009

Hello - I saw the following reference (see below) to memoranda summarizing the SEC staff's analysis regarding a SEC Study into the uptick rule. It indicated that the memoranda was attached to a letter Senator Ackerman sent to SEC Commissioner Mary Shapiro on January 27th. I was able to find the letter on the Senators webpage, but the memoranda summarizing the staff's analysis regarding the study was not attached. Is it possible to obtain the staffs analysis

REFERENCE: "In his Jan. 20 letter, Cox told Ackerman that he had asked the SEC's Division of Trading and Markets and Office of Economic Analysis to re-evaluate their 2007 recommendation to remove the rule. After undertaking that review, Cox recounted, the staff “ttood by their recommendation, sayingoperational reason made reimposing the rule “jmpossibl and revising itdifficult.”!Cox provided Ackerman with memoranda summarizing the staff's analysis". (Broker Dealer Report; BNA).

Thank you

Kevin B. Hall
Senior Reference Librarian