Subject: SEC Response - File HO1322151

March 24, 2009

Congratulations on yet another DAY OF SHORT SELLING and VOLITILITY IN THE MARKET!!!! Hope you are all extremely HAPPY while all of us in the Real World LOSE OUR RETIREMENT!!!! GO SHORT SELLERS!!!!!! TAKE THE ECONOMY TO ITS KNEES!!!

Many Thanks for the response.... The individuals responsible for undermining the "UP TICK" Rule and removing this 70 plus year old measure implemented by our Grandfathers for a GOOD REASON... Should be prosecuted the same as Madoff.... What these individuals did at the SEC back in July of 2007 is inexcusable. If you were to Quantify the Volatility in the Market before and after the July 2007 measure you would see these individuals that ripped off the United States Market of Trillions of dollars is a mathematical fact and a disgrace to the SEC...

Please implement the UP TICK RULE NOW!!! There is no need for a Meeting..... The short Sellers can go bet on other countries down falls and bet against their Market... Not ours here in the US... These individuals have undermined the very fabric of America making money on betting the Market will go Down..... They should all be in Prison not betting on the Stock Market.... and shorting the Banks, 401K's and Companies trying to keep individuals employed... The SEC should be ashamed they allowed this to happen...

Many Thanks,
Bill Daniel