Subject: Uptick Rule

July 15, 2009

Attn:Ms Schapiro-Yes, please help.You've been there half a year now and the Uptick Rule still has not been reinstated. If there was something lacking in the Rule it should have remained in place while it was being worked on. It should not have been removed without any control over the Short Sellers who now have controlled the market as they wished. They now have taken many, many trillions of dollars out of the stock market , mainly at the expense of retirement funds. This has caused many millions of people to curtail spending because they now don't know how much they will have left for their retirement. this caused the snowball effect of businesses closing, causing more layoffs and thus more curtailed spending. Granted, the previous administration removed the UptickRule, and this after about 70+ years and the stock market reaching about 14,000. And you, who has been placed in this office by our current president , who is doing all in his power to help our economy recover, is spinning your wheels while supposedlyworking on the Uptick Rule. You should have restored it as soon as you took office. Now, tell us exactly what you are doing about the Rule and tell us over the air waves so the 401k's can hear and get some relief that something positive may happen to restore some of their retirement. Thank You