Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Jack Washington

July 2, 2009

People who invest assets to companies and expect a positive return.
Short sellers:
People who sell investors assets by large scale and drive the price down and buy back at low price to make money, or even destroy companies so no need to cover or buy back. Short sellers are ant-investors. They de-vest others assets. They are not investors.

Short selling provide liquidity
Yes, it does provide liquidity for the short sellers, not for investors. Because they get cash just for selling investors assets. But it also destroys investor assets

It is clear:
Individuals and true investors do not want their assets be short sold, because they lose value.
Bankers and institutions want to short sell, because they can sell other peoples shares and steal the cash.

SEC, you are the American peoples only hope, please wake up, clean the system, enforce the naked shorting rules, ban short sale stealing process, close the back door, and lets restore the integrity.
If you do so, you will be remembered.
If you get corrupted by big money lobbiests, you will be remembered too, you will also eventually destroy Wall Street and a global financial center, and destroy US as a great country This people, this country's fate is in your hands now