Subject: Restoring Honesty

January 31, 2009

If we could get claw backs on CEO'S or the top three and also board of directors who's companies have had to take money from the tarp program. Giving half their salaries back would make them immune from prosecution. Going forward put claw back laws in effect that severely affect their compensation if its shown poor decision making has put investors and in some cases taxpayers money at risk. DO THIS AND WATCH MARKETS AND ECONOMY RISE. This would put some confidence back into investing which could get the engine going again whether you are a investor or not. The economy and markets want move forward when people see the big boys at the top make horrendous amounts of money while their investments tank due to poor management. The average person is not going invest when they fill the system is rigged for the top management to make huge amounts of money while their company tanks.

Cliff Weeks