Subject: S7-08-09

June 17, 2009

Where are the new SHORTING rules you were to be putting back in place? I havent heard a damn thing from you guys in the market in over 2 months. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL YOU SIT ON THIS? As the market keeps dropping and the stocks keep getting manipulated by hedge funds and short sellers with NO CONTROLS in place to stop this destruction of our financial system??? When??? How long will you sit on bringing back the UPTICK RULE??? I am appauled by your agency's lack of action and response to this important issue. Do something now before you have NO investors left in this market in which to hold our economy together. I demand some kind of action on your part and on the behalf of all American investors nationwide. Make an announcement, a new rule, do something before you drop the ball again like you did with Mr. Madoff. Or this will happen all over again...

Very Disappointed

Craig Benedetti
American Investor