Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: daniel e schoonover
Affiliation: none

June 23, 2009


You all got an lot of work to do You will not be able to get anything stright until, you "ALL" get your ducks in order. Until you get CMKX and other company's shareholders paid for all the wrong doing, no one will ever believe in the SEC Ever You all don't understand the pain you have cause investors, traders, and retired personel the pain of the SEC, DTCC, AND OTHER SO CALL, WHAT EVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM... You all has lost alot of respect, and until the shareholders are taken care of, this will get bigger, and bigger, we will not go away The law should be putting most of the SEC behind bars. And they will, and anyone that knows about NSS, and allows this type of action, should be in jail. I know that shareholder's of CMKX will not rest, until damages has been put in place. And we will tell everyone that I come accross, and i'm in trucking... And I know the word will get out, on what really is going on in the market world. I wish you all the best, in getting CMKX the just due, and making sure this is never, ever done again.