Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Peter J Ireland

June 22, 2009

The fact that comments were to close on the 19th and here it is the 22nd and you are still taking comments speaks volumes This is just a big stall so you don't have to take any action whatsoever, quite apparently.

You can say what you like about Chris Cox but at least he was a man of (misguided) action... He simply stated that he believed the uptick rule to be non-fuctional and then Poof it was gone.

Just read the first 50 comment letters here. Is it so hard to determine what actions are being supported? A very basic grasp of English should be all that is needed.

This assumes however that the SEC indeed want input from the public that they will act upon, but this never happened before under Chris Cox and it certainly isn't changing any under Ms. Mary Schapiro... It says a lot about Wall Street influence over the SEC, media and political overseers, that you are allowed to carry on in this totally corrupted fashion.

It is also clear that CMKX shareholders will never receive justice while you are allowed to remain in position there, protecting and pandering to Wall Street interests. Many of you deserve to be doing serious time behind bars for all that you have done and allowed to be done. It can't happen soon enough, in my opinion.