Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: A Concerned Investor

June 22, 2009

Quote: "Today, we begin what will be a very deliberative process to determine what is in the best interests of investors."

Was this just an epiphany or something that came to you in a dream recently? Do you not think this should have been your credo all along? How pathetic that you just decided to think of the investor and his/her best interests at this juncture. I cannot help but feel, that your new found desire to protect the investors arises solely from the fact you have been found out recently to have been complicit (imo) with the corruption that has pervaded the markets on such an enormous scale How many times did you turn a blind eye to the documents and letters and phone calls supporting the FACT Mr. Madoff was running his huge Ponzi scheme? What about Mr. Aguirre's plight? The list is endless. There seems to be many, many instances of this kind of action, or rather, inaction taking place withing your agency.
I cannot help but feel this "comment" section is just another way to drag your feet and put off implementing anything of consequence to the bad guys. Just do something right for a change Just DO IT You know the uptick rule should be instituted should have never been removed in the first place. Just look at the statistics. Heck, look at the state of the economy. For crying out loud, are you blind? And I believe the uptick rule is just the tip of the iceberg. Take responsibility and please stop making it so lucrative for the criminal element, some of who are employed by your agency. After all, you have just stated yourselves:

"Today, we begin what will be a very deliberative process to determine what is in the best interests of investors."

Is this just "lip service" again, or do we dare hope you are being sincere this time around? Are you really going to put an honest effort into protecting the hard working investors of this country, or are you going to continue to take our money and just simply turn and hand it, on a silver platter, to the criminal element? We shall see. Your history does not bear this out. Prove me wrong. I am begging you.
A shareholder and hard working individual who only expects an HONEST return on his investment.I would not think that is too much to ask.