Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: share cmkx holder

June 22, 2009

"I am not concerned about the present shareholders." - Leslie Hakala, SEC agent in charge in Cmkm diamonds inc statement in 2006 to shareholders representative at the time, Bill Frizzell. Shareholders base over 50k

"How does it help investors? - sign on Chairman Schapiro's door.

Stark contrast between Chairman Schapiros sign on her door as reminder to all that thir job is to protect and help shareholders, and actual SEC agent in charge message to present shareholders of Cmkm diamonds inc.

I have just read this article:

Posted by Mary L. Schapiro, Chairman, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, on Saturday June 20, 2009 at 10:40 am

"On the door to my office I have a sign that reads How does it help investors? It serves as a reminder to anyone who enters that the investor is our highest priority. Thats our primary focus."

My question is as Cmkx investor or Cmkx diamonds inc investor:


Its a good question Chairman Shappiro How does it help investors? of Cmkx with what sec is doing ?

Are you familiar with what your own agent said that she does not care about 50,000. and over investors of cmkx or cmkm diamonds inc?

Would you like to read what your agent said Chairman Schapiro? Here it is, and its a stark contrast from what you have placed on your door:

In several conversations with Bill Frizzell, he recalled that Leslie Hakala had voiced her true feeling towards the more than 50,000 CMKX shareholders who had lost hundreds of millions of dollars:
I am not concerned about the present shareholders. Im concerned about future investors in this company. Those were her exact words And I said, Leslie, thats 50 or 60 thousand people who have put their money in there. Your action is going to delist this security. All their investments go down the tube if this company goes under, and thats not a concern? I remember having that conversation. She said, Im just worried about future investors. I dont want anybody else investing their lives in this. It was then that I realized that the SEC didnt want to do anything to help the shareholders of CMKX. They just wanted us to just go away.

You can find this quote in Mark Faulks book "Faulking truth". The quote refers to time frame of 2005 when SEC wanted to delist cmkx from trading.
Leslie Hakala is still SEC agent involved in dealing with Cmkx issues and investigation.

Frizzell at the time was shareholder representative at court proceedings SEC vs Cmkm diamonds inc.
Leslie Hakala from SEC per Mr Frizzell who is today a legal council of Cmkm diamonds inc, has said that she simply does not care nor has any concerns with fate of present shareholder base counting over 50,000. people.

Sign on Chairman Schapiro's door:
"How does it help investors?

Leslie Hakala, SEC agent in charge in Cmkm diamonds inc 2006:
"I am not concerned about the present shareholders."

Now how exactly we can trust that indeed there is anybody in SEC offices, specialy with having Leslie Hakala as an agent still in charge of investigation of Cmkm diamonds inc stock, and the outcome for over 50,000. shareholders,

when your statement is exact oposite Chairman Schapiro of the statement that your agents are making?

How can Cmkx diamonds inc shareholder expect any justice when the agent in charge from the begining says that she does not care and she is not concerned about the present shareholders?

Can we expect in any way from an SEC agent that says she does not have any concerns and does not care about present shareholders .. to think she would actualy reserve any though to your sign Chairman Schapiro that says:

"How does it help investors?

Can a person have any intent at all to help investors if the same person states she is not concerned about present shareholders?

Leslie Hakala, SEC agent in charge in Cmkm diamonds inc 2006:
"I am not concerned about the present shareholders."

Chairman Schapiro,

I like the sign on your door.
But we have not seen one person that deals with helping Cmkx shareholders and certainly we cant expect any help from somebody that can state that they do not even have concern over more then 50,000. present shareholders in a stock.

Cmkx shareholders need to be paid for their damages.

uptick rule? yes