Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: Anthony Kalantzis

May 1, 2009

Counterfeiting stock

Sale of Unregistered Securities is generally a SEC civil cause, while the related criminal cause is 18 USC 514, Counterfeiting of Commercial Securities.

These are the tactical and strategic elements of the activities going on today:

The Tactical approaches:

1.) Naked Short Selling and a Family of other related manipulations intended to:

2.) Electronically Counterfeit Securities of all Classes, including equities, bonds, securities, currencies, physicals, etc., for the purpose of:

The Strategic Objectives:

1.) Money Laundering and Asset Transfers to:

2.) Support of Criminal Financial Syndicate(s), Domestic and Global.

The related laws involved include the prohibitions against sale of unregistered securities in the Securities Act of 1933, particularly Sections 5 and 6 18 USC Sections

513 and 514, pertaining to the treatment of counterfeiting commercial securities (electronic means being specifically NOT protected) and finally, treatment of Criminal

Syndicalism as Insurrection and Sedition, a Class A felony, wherein the conspiracy to manipulate a pool of financial assets against the interests of the title holders is

Treason, CJS Sections 22, 22A, and 46.

Of course the SEC knows all of this.. only too well .That is why it is negligible and complicit ...

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