Subject: File No. S7-08-09
From: William j Immer, Jr
Affiliation: Invester for the last 40 yrs

June 21, 2009

As an investor I bye a stock as an asset. I want the right to know I am buying from someone that is selling an asset (a stock). I do not have the right to sell my neighbors house and buy it back later. If someone is going to be allowed to sell my asset I should know and at least be given the right to rent it out myself. With no permission then it should not be rented out. A company issues X number of stocks (assets). I do not want an infinite number of negitave stocks to push my asset into the ground. We all know how many trades accured per day. We should know how many were short sales per day. Why should speculators be aloud to hide what they are doing. In the world of options one can see how many contracts are long and short. It should be the same for stocks. If hedging is needed use them. If I sell a call on my stock at least I am geting the rent on my asset.